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Welcome to Select Putting Greens Serving Northern Ohio and Central Virginia

Your own backyard putting green !


The Mirage Turf Systems multi-color design
makes it very realistic !

Its tight weave and interlocking bent fiber design
simulates real "Bent-Grass".

The Mirage Tour-Putt is a maintenance-free putting surface...
No sand in-fill required, No watering, No chemicals,
No mowing, No broom sweeping, No water rolling
and hopefully.....
No more three putts !

To clean off the green, just use a leaf blower
or a vacuum cleaner !

The Mirage Tour Putt is backed by a 8 year
excessive fade and wear warranty !

Select Putting Greens Ltd is an
Authorized Dealer for
Mirage Putting Green International

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Practicing your short game in your
own backyard !


Affordable backyard entertainment
for the entire family !


Well, IMAGINE no more...Install a hassle free Mirage Putting Green in your very own backyard. Our synthetic putting greens simulate real bent-grass tour greens without the expensive time-consuming maintenance !

We also install synthetic grass for lawns and pets....
Check us out.....


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Richmond, Virginia
We can now install putting greens in the Richmond area. Take advantage of the great year round weather to stay at the peak of your game.

Give us a call !

See us Sundays at 8pm
See our putting green on SPORTSTIME OHIO GolfZone
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